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hledám Žena Trvalý vztah / svatba Praha 11lukas87

Jsem muž, 30 let, hledám ženu Věk od 18 do 40

11lukas87, 30 let, Praha

Trvalý vztah / svatba




hledám Muž Typ vztahu: Nemá význam Olomouc Sandra

Jsem žena, 36 let, hledám muže Věk od 26 do 36

Sandra, 36 let, Olomouc

Typ vztahu: Nemá význam


Vaše povolání: Jiné


hledám Muž Praha Nata

I am friendly, easygoing and strong-minded. I love people. I am fond of reading, working out, learning new things, meeting with people, traveling, dancing and listening to the music. I love ren, dogs, nature, good food and coffee.

Nata, 45 let, Praha


hledám Muž Praha Liubov

Jsem žena, 65 let, hledám muže Věk od 53 do 70

Liubov, 65 let, Praha


hledám Muž Praha Natalya

I am intelligent, independent, freedom-loving. I value my personality and respect the rights of other people. I am attractive, shy, sensitive, extraordinary, optimistic, easy-going, sociable, decent, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. I am keen on sports and dances. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I...

Natalya, 43 let, Praha


hledám Muž Praha Olga

I'm pretty, smart young lady trying to find her own love and happiness. I'm calm, tender with great love which I'd like to share with somebody I love. I'm interested in travelling, music, sport. I like to attend gym for a couple of times a week, to have rest out in nature or sea-shore.

Olga, 35 let, Praha


hledám Muž Praha Radana

Jsem žena, 36 let, hledám muže Věk od 34 do 45

Radana, 36 let, Praha




hledám Muž Trvalý vztah / svatba Praha Polinka

It's so difficult to discribe who am I, what i like etc. Anyway,i think that the most important thing for penship is the pic, so i'll send u pic of mine. I am not full, i'm funny (sometime), i like and DO (!) sport, i work in IT(software Co), i like clever men with the sense of humor :-) So,if u...

Polinka, 40 let, Praha

Trvalý vztah / svatba




hledám Muž Praha Yulia

I'd like you to be kind, cheerful, with a sense of humor, attentive, generous, caring and purposeful.

Yulia, 36 let, Praha


hledám Muž Praha Elena

I am sociable, merry, kind and gentle girl. My hobbies are dancing and driving a car. I love ren and animals; hate betrayal, meanness, hypocrisy. I would like to meet kind, decent man, good father, who would love and understand me.

Elena, 35 let, Praha


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